Aiea Loop Trail

Aiea Loop trail is a 4.8 mile loop with a beautiful view of the H3 located at 99-1849 Aiea Heights Drive, Aiea, HI 96701.

Key note: park all the way at the top of the hill if you are starting the loop from that point, or else you’ll have to walk up a giant hill after you finished the hike! I haven’t thought about taking the loop the other direction, but it might be on the list some time.

Abby and I decided to join Team RWB Honolulu ( on February 4th to hike this trail. It was the first trail I hiked in Hawaii and it was pretty nice!

Team RWB at Aiea Loop Trail 4 Feb. 2017

The trail is kid and dog friendly and is relatively flat with some hills every now and then. We were walking pretty quickly so we didn’t take in too much of the scenery, but it transitions through many different environments and different types of trees/plants. I wanted to have a book out there with me to learn about each species!

A lot of the hikers were running on the trail, but there are a lot of roots to take caution of. I will probably go back and run it someday!

There is an old WWII plane at one point in the trail. While Abby and I did not see it, one of the other members of the group found it and a few pictures are posted below. She said that it is pretty steep to get down there, but right off the trail if you know where to look. I apologize that I do not know the location.

It was a great first hike for me and definitely easy! I am looking forward to more challenging hikes in the near future!

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