one of my favorite places

Pua`ena Point Beach Park

Whether I’m surfing, sunbathing, relaxing, snorkeling, writing, or contemplating life; this is my favorite place to be on the whole island. Maybe it’s because I’ve visited this spot the most or maybe it’s because I just love the North Shore, but it is definitely my new “go-to” location (or at least it will be until I find one to replace it which is highly unlikely).

It is home to one of the larger surf lesson spots and can get pretty busy on the nicest days; but that won’t stop me from sitting on the beach and admiring the crystal blue waters. There’s something about watching the waves build their power and crash onto the shore that’s truly mesmerizing.


I love this tree.

This tree stretches out over the sand and reaches its limbs toward the sea; providing both shade and a place to rest my surfboard and soaked rash-guard. If you get to the beach early enough in the morning, it’s open and waiting to be utilized.


I love my surfboard.

It didn’t take me long to buy my own surfboard (just like it didn’t take me long to fill my house with an assortment of knickknacks). Most people might take longer to pick one out. They might figure out what size is best for them, what shape is best, what their favorite color might be. Nope. Not me. After my first surf lesson, I knew that I didn’t only want to surf, I needed to surf. Okay maybe I didn’t neeeeeed to but you get what I mean. I walked into the North Shore Surf Shop, walked into their back room (which is full of awesome boards btw), and picked a few out that I liked. Don’t worry, I asked about the differences and which one they might recommend for a person of my height and weight. But, like the brand new Jeep, I didn’t take much time to think about it. A normal person might take another surf lesson or maybe rent a few different boards of varying sizes to figure out what worked best. The board I took lessons on was around 11 feet long whereas this one is 8’6″ (quite a bit shorter). I was worried I had made a very poor decision when I first took my new board out to Pua`ena Point and could not even catch a wave. I could hardly even balance on my board and keep myself afloat! Thankfully, it just takes a few more days out on the deep blue sea to get the hang of surfing and I’m finding myself trying to catch even bigger waves (which results in even bigger wipeouts…ouch).

I’ve already found myself daydreaming at work about riding the waves up at the North Shore and the strongest desire to rush out of the office to catch a few before the sun drops below the beautiful horizon.


We now have 4 boards (3 pictured here- Mine, Abby’s and Jimmy’s) and are all able to go out into the water and try to catch waves together! Now all we need are a few GoPro’s to begin filming all of our adventures (Abby and Jimmy already have theirs). I might have to wait for a few more paychecks before I rush into that purchase ;).

I absolutely love surfing and cannot wait to continue to push my boundaries and attempt to catch the (slightly) bigger waves!

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