Beach thoughts;

Pua`ena Point, North Shore.

17 February 2017

It’s beautiful out here. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it like some people say they do. The way the sand sticks to your toes and literally every part of your body. The way the waves crash onto the shore, over and over. Their power is so strong. So forceful. So Full of energy. They prove that they own the beach. They’re loud and continuous. They assert themselves. They try to destroy you when you enter their territory–especially if you are trying to surf for the first few times.
I wish I were a wave. A 9 O’clock wave. At least at the North Shore where the sun shines on them so perfectly. So blue you can see right to the coral on the bottom. So clear. So crystal clear. So. much. power. So much beauty. Literally just going with the flow, all morning and night. Washing away the imperfections with each wave. Sure they can’t always reach the footprints at the highest part of the beach, but eventually it’ll rain and all will be perfect again. It’s a great metaphor for my life. I make mistakes all of the time, some worse than others, but I can’t dwell on the past. Even if I can’t get a mistake or a failure out of my head right away, I need to realize that life moves on.  The waves will continue to rush in and all will be well again. I cannot focus on that awkward moment I had with the new neighbor, or the dumb question I asked as the “new LT”. I need to not let things affect me so much.
How quickly I forget that I’m in Hawaii. Sitting on the perfect beach early in the morning before all the tourists come to visit. Watching the crabs pop their heads out of the sand; perfecting their homes (which I’m very jealous of). But I’m out here watching the waves as often as I can.
How quickly my mind switches to all my worries and all my fears! If I were a wave, I’d be able to just wash them away. over and over.


Wash away all of my fears,
All of my worries,
All of my dumb little mistakes.
I need to focus on the beauty of this planet and how lucky I am to live in it. I am going to lay on my surfboard, glide across the salty blue water and think about all of the amazing things I’ve done and all of the inspiring people in my life who helped me get here. To this beautiful beach in North Shore; my favorite spot.
Let the waves wash away my worries. Let the footprints of my past disappear. Because life is truly beautiful; especially life up here.

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